Fuel Efficiency Features in the Dodge Grand Caravan

Dodge introduced the minivan in the 1980s, and we offer its latest version at Elm Grove Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. The new Dodge Grand Caravan will take your family everywhere, and its fuel efficiency features will help you save gas during your journeys. Today, let's review a couple of those features.

Every Dodge Grand Caravan trim package includes low rolling-resistance tires. These 17-inch tires roll more easily than the typical set of tires, which allows your minivan to move forward on less fuel. You will appreciate these tires' rounded tread corners and the gas they save.

Within the Grand Caravan's cabin, you will find another efficient feature, a fuel economizer. This standard item applies modern tech to constantly monitor driving conditions and adjust the auto's engine timing and shift points, which maximizes your Grand Caravan's gas mileage. Better than guesswork, the fuel economizer activates with a simple button-push. Obviously, Dodge Grand Caravan is kind to your family's bottom line.



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