The RAM 2500 Pickup Offers Durable Monitoring Tools

The 2019 RAM 2500 pickup truck is a popular, powerful, and well-built full-size vehicle. This truck scores high marks in the towing, power, and even comfort departments, but it also provides operators with a wide variety of durable high-tech tools. Included in this list are specialties such as tire pressure monitoring systems and vision enhancing cameras.

The new 2500 pickup is a big unit, and thus it may be hard for many drivers to see behind and around the chassis. The good news is that the RAM truck includes a special camera that offers a 360° view around the vehicle. Anchored by five separate cameras, this system can even give drivers extra insights as they use trailers.

The RAM 2500 also makes monitoring vital systems easier. The included tire pressuring monitoring system extends it's curtain to vehicle trailers. Since trailer tires are subject to very heavy load pressures, keeping track of their health status is vital to safety and durability.



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